Designer Frames - CCS by Coco Song

Introducing CCS by Coco Song, a fresh new take on the famous eyewear brand Coco Song aimed at the modern woman. The frames are beautifully designed and are adorned with natural materials including silks, dried flowers and feathers. The most unique element to this range is the 24 karat gold leaf which is impressed within the acetate of each frame, creating true jewels inspired by nature.

The new season styles are in the spirit of shape and size lightness, as usual embellished by peculiar colour tones and precious details. Many of the designs highlight the triumph of floral patterns with delicate colours, matched with the stronger shades of silk inserts, feathers and dried flowers.

The different materials used in particular the precious gold leaves give the frames a unique effect, which cannot go unnoticed, giving light to the look of women who are wearing these jewels.


CCS by Coco Song Glasses Collection

  • 24 karat gold leaf embedded into frame
  • Add a splash of colour to eyewear with an array of designs and bright combinations
  • All frames are suitable to glaze with any type of lens; single vision, bifocal or varifocal
  • Each frame is truly unique with no two frames being identical
  • Only 500 frames of each style is ever made meaning there is constant new styles being released
  • Prices start from £280
  • Every purchase comes with a CCS branded case, cleaning cloth and lens cleaning spray

CCS by Coco Song Glasses

CCS by Coco Song Glasses