Designer Frames - Etnia Barcelona Glasses

If you are looking to add a touch of jazz and vibrancy to your choice of frames or you are simply tired of wearing glasses with frames that are black, brown, or various shades of grey, Etnia Barcelona glasses will be sure to add a burst of colour to your outfit.

Dating back to the 1950’s Etnia Barcelona eyewear was created at the very centre of Spain’s art and culture scene. The exciting and vibrantly coloured range of Etnia Barcelona frames incorporate vintage styles and modern craftsmanship.

Priding themselves on 100% natural acetate, the cotton-based material is permeated with a wide range of colours and patterns to create their signature look.

Etnia Barcelona takes colour so seriously that they run tests twice per year to evaluate their current palette and incorporate new shades into their Etnia Barcelona eyewear line.

If you’re after a quality frame that appeals to your creative side, Etnia Barcelona eyewear has you covered.

Etnia Barcelona Glasses Collection

  • Every frame is hand made.
  • Add a splash of colour to eyewear with an array of designs and bright combinations
  • All frames are suitable to glaze with any type of lens; single vision, bifocal or varifocal
  • Prices start from £160
  • Every purchase comes with an Etnia Barcelona branded case, cleaning cloth and lens cleaning spray

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