Designer Frames - Mont Blanc Glasses

Taking its name from the highest summit in the Alps, Mont Blanc have been a prominent brand within the luxury consumer goods market for almost one hundred years.

Created in Germany, the Mont Blanc brand is famous for designing their signature ink pens and personal accessories, but have now turned their hand to creating beautiful eyewear.

Styled for the sophisticated, who don’t want to compromise on looks, Mont Blanc frames are crafted from only the finest materials and made by people with strong artistic value.

With a combination of design, attention to detail and mix of different materials Mont Blanc eyewear will propel you to a new level of eyewear satisfaction.


  • Official Mont Blanc Glasses 1-year guarantee
  • Choose from the vast collection of Mont Blanc frames to suit your style.
  • They specialise in traditional metal frames made with the upmost quality
  • Prices range from £180 to £250
  • All Mont Blanc frames are suitable for all forms of prescription lenses including single vision, varifocals and bifocal lenses.
  • All Mont Blanc frames include a branded case, cleaning cloth and a lens cleaning spray