Designer Frames - Sea2see

Established in 2015, Sea2see are pioneers in the development of sustainable eyewear.

Sea2see design and produce optical frames and sunglasses made with recycled marine plastic collected by fishermen in Spain, France and West Africa.

Using their six-step process, The UPSEA™ plastic that is used, enables the company to create eyewear that is visually striking that is sure to make a few heads turn.

Fun fact for you, for each pair of Sea2See eyewear that is made, 10m2 of the ocean has been cleaned.

See2see Glasses Collection

  • Each frame is made customised to your exact requirements
  • One frame manufactured equates to the removal of 1kg of plastic from the ocean
  • All frames are suitable to glaze with any type of lens; single vision, bifocal or varifocal
  • Prices range from £140 – £168
  • Every purchase comes with a Sea2See branded case, cleaning cloth and lens cleaning spray

Sea2see Frames | Lesley Cree Opticians