Cricket, a fast-paced sport that demands exceptional hand-eye coordination and heightened visual acuity, benefits greatly from specialised eyewear designed to optimise players’ performance.

The right eyewear not only improves the contrast of the red, white or pink cricket ball against its surroundings but also enhances depth perception, reduces eye fatigue, and provides essential protection.

Bowlers require eyewear that stays securely in place while running towards the pitch, ensuring a clear and crisp view of their target-the wicket.

For batsmen and wicket keepers, precision is key. They need lenses that offer pinpoint accuracy in tracking the incoming ball while safeguarding against potential impact.

Fielders, on the other hand, need to look to the sky without being blinded by glare, allowing them to make those crucial game-winning catches.

Purpose-built cricket eyewear ensures that players can easily spot the ball against both the sky and the grass. Wide-angled shield lenses provide uninterrupted vision and excellent protection.

For cricket players, the ideal tints are brown or blue. Brown lenses effectively block blue light, which is particularly beneficial on cloudy days with diffused light. This tint improves depth perception and contrast, making it an excellent choice for judging distances and playing in varying weather conditions.

Blue tints, on the other hand, absorb sunlight and reduce glare, making them perfect for fielders during bright weather.

Leading brands such as Oakley and Zeal specialise in crafting eyewear tailored specifically for cricketers, offering both performance and style. Oakley have a specific cricket lens, Prizm field.

When it comes to prescriptions, players have several options:

  • Direct Frame Fitting: Your prescription can be fitted directly into the frame of the eyewear.
  • Optical Insert Adaptor: An optical insert adaptor with your prescription glazed into it is also available.
  • Contact Lens Compatibility: Alternatively, you can opt for contact lenses and wear your cricket sunglasses over them.

If you’re interested in discovering the perfect cricket sunglasses or seeking advice on other frames and lenses to enhance your performance on the field, we invite you to book an appointment with our experienced dispensing optician. Let us assist you in scoring more sixes and elevating your game to new heights.