Enhance your golfing experience with specialised eyewear.

Whether you’re looking for peak on-course performance or a stylish option to wear off the course, a reliable pair of sunglasses is one of the most valuable golf accessories, particularly during the sunny summer months or when the sun is low on the horizon during sunrise and sunset.

Eyewear manufacturers have made significant advancements in lens technology and frame design in recent years, ensuring that clear vision is now essential for success on the golf course, regardless of your handicap.

Regardless of the weather conditions, be it the typical grey British skies, sunny days, rain or other unpredictable changes, golfers need eyewear that offers perfect vision in all situations. Specialised golf lenses have been developed for all types of weather, and some even come with interchangeable lenses to adapt to varying conditions.

These golf-specific lenses are designed to enhance your gameplay without hindering it, protecting your eyes from the sun’s glare, the wind, and helping you read the nuances of the terrain. After all, nobody wants distorted vision from low-quality sunglasses leading to a missed putt or landing the ball in the rough.

Comfort is paramount since you’ll be wearing these glasses for extended periods. The glasses should fit securely, allowing you to swing freely without worries of them slipping off. Additionally, they must shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, reduce glare, and provide enhanced contrast, helping you differentiate between different shades of green on the fairway and green.

Noteworthy brands like Oakley and Zeal specialise in crafting eyewear specifically tailored to golfers, offering both high performance and stylish designs.

At Lesley Cree Opticians, we proudly offer a diverse range of frames and lenses, meticulously chosen to provide golfers with a wide array of options. Most of these eyewear solutions can be customised to your prescription, ensuring you enjoy perfect vision along with the cutting-edge lens technology specifically designed for your sport.

When it comes to prescriptions, golfers have several options to choose from:

  • Direct Frame Fitting: Your prescription can be directly fitted into the frame of the eyewear for seamless vision correction.
  • Optical Insert Adaptor: For those preferring a separate prescription element, an optical insert adaptor with your prescription can be glazed into the eyewear.
  • Contact Lens Compatibility: Alternatively, you can opt for contact lenses and wear your golf sunglasses over them for ultimate convenience.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect golf sunglasses or seeking advice on other frames and lenses to elevate your performance on the course, we encourage you to book an appointment with our experienced dispensing optician. Let us assist you in lowering your handicap and taking your golf game to new heights.