As the popularity of cycling continues to rise, safeguarding your eyes becomes essential during your rides. The right eyewear not only shields you from wind, dust, and potential impact injuries but also guards against harmful UV rays during prolonged outdoor exposure.

When cycling, it’s crucial to find eyewear that can handle physical hazards, such as road debris and stones, while also offering UV protection for those long hours outdoors. Streamlined and aerodynamic eyewear designed specifically for cyclists can be your best bet.


Oakley are the market leaders in sunglasses for cyclists with many of the professional riders partnering with them. Oakley have developed a specific cycling lens designed to enhance the road so you can see obstacles like rocks and potholes quickly and feel more confident as you ride. The Prizm Road lens can be glazed into any Oakley frame, both with prescription or without.

At Lesley Cree Opticians, we can assist you in selecting the most robust lenses and frames for optimal protection. Polycarbonate lenses are an excellent choice as they virtually eliminate 100% of UV light and are stronger than regular plastic lenses. We can also discuss various lens tints that work well in different weather conditions. For added convenience, consider photochromic lenses that automatically darken in bright conditions, eliminating the need to switch to sunglasses mid-ride.

Finding the perfect fit is crucial, and we can help you choose a close-fitting frame that stays securely in place, comfortably fitting within your cycling helmet. Top brands like Oakley and Zeal are specialists in crafting eyewear tailored specifically for cyclists, ensuring both performance and style.

If you require prescription glasses or contact lenses, rest assured that you have options for sports eyewear. Many athletes prefer contact lenses during sports for their cost-effectiveness, comfort, and convenience, especially in high-contact sports. You can combine contact lenses with sports goggles for an effective eye protection solution.

Alternatively, we offer prescription protective glasses designed to meet your specific vision needs. These specialised eyewear options provide clear vision while effectively shielding your eyes during all your sports activities. So, gear up with the right eyewear and enjoy your cycling adventures with confidence and eye protection.