Eyecare During Lockdown

We hope you are all keeping well in these unprecedented times.

If being in lockdown means that you have missed your usual eye examination, please don’t worry and we ask that you wait until we are back up and running before trying to book in. We have refrained from sending out any yearly reminders but we haven’t forgotten about you! Once COVID-19 has settled down we will send out reminders to those of you who are overdue for a sight test.

We are still operating an emergency service and are therefore here for you if you have any eyecare concerns. If you encounter any eye related problem, no matter how small, if it is worrying you please do give us a ring on 0115 9332999 and we can advise further.

We are also open for emergency repairs, replacement glasses, contact lenses and any solutions you may require.

All of these services will be done in a remote way to conform to social distancing regulations. Any emergency repairs can be completed by either dropping the frame off to us for us to take a look at or we are happy to pick the frame up from your house if you are in isolation. The same applies for when the specs have been repaired. We may be able to repair you glasses within 10 minutes in the practice or they may need to be sent off, we will advise accordingly.

As the labs we use are still open, all be it on skeleton staff, we are still able to get spectacles glazed to your prescription. Therefore, if you have lost or require a replacement pair of glasses, we are able to order the same glasses that you have previously had or use one of your own existing frames.

For contact lenses, solutions or eye drops just ring the practice on 0115 9332999 and we can get these arranged for you. Once again, we can either drop these off at your home or if you are in the village shopping, we can hand them to you at the door.

We prefer to take any payments over the phone to avoid unnecessary contact.

Take care of yourselves and we will see you soon.