Ray-Ban Sunglasses Release New Titanium Collection

Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the most world-renowned brands on the market today. Their latest release incorporates one of the finest metals, Pure Titanium which is nickel free and hypoallergenic, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skins. A frame made of titanium is 48% lighter than a similar one made of the more common nickel/silver. The high mechanic performance, together with the extreme lightness and flexibility, make titanium a material which guarantees all-day comfort designed to last a lifetime. As resistant as steel, but 40% lighter, and while Titanium is heavier than aluminum, it has double the resistance.

The products within the Ray-Ban Sunglasses Titanium collection are among the most recognisable icons of the brand:


Aviator – Originally designed in the 1930’s, the aviator is one of Ray-Ban’s most iconic frames.

Round – One of the biggest trends to hit the modern market is the simplified metal round frame.

Caravan – With squared off lenses the caravan encapsulates all of the qualities of the aviator but with a more current feel.

Each comes in 5 colours (total of 15 frames), all made in Titanium, with 2 of the colours including Crystal antireflective coated lenses with Polarised technology. The frames are enhanced by ornate filigree engraving pattern taking great care and attention to the complete frame. The result is high quality sunglasses, which at the same time guarantees the unmistakable style of the brand’s iconic models. These frames represent the most premium sunglasses of the permanent collection of Ray-Ban and are offered exclusively to selected Ray-Ban clients including Lesley Cree Opticians. Pop into the shop to have a browse of the new collection.


Ray Ban Titanium Sunglasses