Your choice of contact lenses

Nowadays almost all patients requiring corrective lenses would be suitable for contact lens wear regardless of their prescription. We provide a full contact lens service, offering all types of contact lenses. Contact lenses can be worn every day, or just for sport and social occasions – there is usually a wearing schedule to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

Your optometrist will advise you on the most suitable contact lenses for your prescription and lifestyle. After your initial contact lens fitting you will be required to attend for regular aftercare appointments to ensure the continuing health of your eyes.

Types of Contact Lenses

DAILY DISPOSAL: This is the most convenient way to wear contact lenses as there is no cleaning needed. You wear a fresh pair each time. They are ideal for sports, on a night out or going on holiday.

REUSABLE: These lenses are an excellent choice for the frequent lens wearer and are available as two weekly or monthly disposable lenses.

SILICON HYDROGEL: This innovative lens material is available in daily or reusable contact lenses and allows natural levels of oxygen to reach your eye so you can wear your lenses all day, every day.

ASTIGMATISM: Most degrees of astigmatism can now be corrected with toric contact lenses as daily, reusable and silicon hydrogel lenses.

MULTIFOCAL: Contact lenses are now available to correct distance and reading vision simultaneously. Alternatively, monovision correction can be used where one eye is corrected for distance vision and the other for reading vision.