Designer Frames - Cutler and Gross

For over 50 years, Cutler and Gross has been founded on the principle that when it comes to eyewear, it’s not just about how we see the world, it’s about how others see us.

At the forefront of optical design, these glasses have been worn by artists, rock stars, writers and even royalty.

By making glasses fashionable, they altered the faces of generations. With every carefully sculpted curve, line or shape, their elegance, character, and magic have the power to transform people.

Crafted in Italy by people who champion the art of making every frame individually, and endless enthusiasm to manufacture styles that celebrate the clarity of vision has made sure Cutler and Gross remains an industry leader in eyewear.

Cutler and Gross Glasses Collection

  • Every frame is hand made in Italy.
  • All frames are suitable to glaze with any type of lens, single vision, bifocal or varifocal
  • Prices range from £250 – £400
  • A Cutler and Gross branded case, cleaning cloth and lens cleaning spray is included with every purchase